But Is It Art

Written by Rikard.

And onwards they go, towards that very specific jar of jelly beans, taking one, two, tree handfuls of sugar-coated stardom to skim down that particular, sore throat.

Art? Really? Is that stupid nut-head of a band blogger planning to go THERE?

Yes he is. But don't worry, it will perhaps be a tad smoother that one could expect.

One of the slightly sadder use of art is that of a tool which smarter people may use to elevate themselves over the masses. This boils down to the general assumption that art is 'nice'. It's packed with cultural validation down to the very syllable.

Now, the idea for this blog post comes from two very interesting persons giving their respective perspective upon the matter. Firstly, Steven (Wilson, Porcupine Tree mastermind and notorious nostalgic) said that the difference between an artist and an entertainer is that an artist is selfish: that making music, paintings, writing a book, whatever, is something that the artist does for himself (or herself, but I'm sticking to patriarchal norm here because I'm lazy) and himself only - the creative process is the ultimate goal here, not sales, not praise, not recognition, nothing. Whilst an entertainer makes it's 'art' - that you may or may not label 'products' - with the audience in mind. Will they like it? Here, the sales, the praise, the recognition is much more key value.

Euroblast 2013

Written by Rikard.


In a crushing majority of the many art forms out there, one must start by finding a voice.

Done by testing, experimenting. Stealing, perhaps.

We're not different. Like everyone else emerging from the tidal waves caused by the late 00's metalcore wave, we thought bass drum-dubbed rhythms was IT.

Something we'd soon outgrow, in favour of more SikTh-esque serial masturbation on top of a snuff-crazed guy from southern Stockholm. Up until today, we have been struggling not unlike many others with finding our voice. Are we there yet? Maybe, maybe not. The fact that we want to bring groove and face-melting growl-based angry music to the table is pretty rooted nowadays, but the outline is more of a twangy single-string  and semi-atmospheric voice than before. And maybe it won't stay that way. Maybe it will.

The Grit

Written by Rikard.


Fresh out from the fires of a rather feisty tour with underground destruction machine Six Feet Under, something is making it's very best to stay in my head. Stay and nag - a Debacuhery drummer saying that our record 'Going Postal' is 'really well produced'.

Disagree-er here.

Well, not exactly disagreeing - but when the conversation on the occasional dinner-before-rehearsal starts to truddle around the grounds on how very perfect Dino (Medanhodzic, our producer) is, I usually mantle myself as the topic's no-sayer, tossing words like 'plastigkagge' (Plastic bass drum, just heed to the Amnesiac 1st minute) around me.

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