Written by Rikard.


In all honesty; I have less than slight insight into whether it's true or not that these days, the probability of you and your band getting to clot your swirly signatures on a three-year deal (who spells out sex, drugs and rock'n roll less than five minutes from that precise moment) if you're garnered with Yankee hats, washed-asunder linen shirts and more piercings than your grandmother could look at without suffering a three-way stroke is higher, than it was for the glam band in the 80's. Maybe that's the case. Maybe it isn't.

(What metalcore looks like now a days)


Written by Rikard.


So we're there again. In the interesting spot.

That being the months between when you're finally fresh out of labour with your nourished and well cared-for debut album and the time when you finally unleash the beast upon the world.
The spot where the future is not only uncertain, but rather nonexistent.
Because never in thirteen and a half lifetimes did I believe that Going Postal would turn out the Deathember epitome the way it did.
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