Written by Rikard.


Besides "xoxo" and "snälla, säg att det här är ett skämt", one of the most common comments we'll pick up next to a down-watered jpeg of the Going Postal artwork is the fact that we "incorporate old-school 'rock riffs' within our music." (Occasionally followed with YEAE or even more "xoxo".)

And yes, that is true. Deathember always strives to span as a timeless beast of wonder, stringing the old and new together in a superb vacuum beyond time or genre. Or that's the ambition - the reality being more like letting Elias blast over some lousy-ass 'twang' riff.

I think the pin mark of the 'rock' approach was the song "Scapegoat" on Flatlines. Staffan would drop in and prowl on about "modern metal meets classic rock, fuck yes" and would jam on the off-beat verse. I think my song "Crash and burn" also bears some 'rock' resemblance, although my ambition was less 'blend influences in an innovative way', than of just scram some good shit together so I don't get kicked.


Written by Rikard.


Scandinavia's Venice.

Gärdet. Gröna Lund. Mikael Persbrandt. Good ice-cream and (mostly) horrible communal traffic.

The highest density of musicianship in the world.

Being a band not submitted to the current trends is not hard in Stockholm - it's very hard. The reason simply being that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, plays music. And when everyone has a band, who would give a fuck about yours?

Stockholm is probably the only capital where "I'm in a band" is probably a more failure-capable pickup line than "Wow, it must hurt when you fell from the sky".

(Even "A big strong one and a date, please." generated more of a smile than that the last time I tried picking up girls at bars, haha)


Written by Rikard.


No birds were visible on the sky.

No birds, because they'd all been strangled.

Strangled because the air was gone from the sky.

The air was gone.. because Meshuggah.

That big a happening was it.

Not only because the time span - 4 years - but rather because the almost sickening level of anticipation. Never before had a band risen to such high levels of respect as Meshuggah did - Nothing/ObZen pretty much benchmarked the whole Djent movement, a movement that sees no reason to fold down by the time the Umeå quintet announces their next release.

Thn 4 years, Meshuggah had gone from interesting outsiders to one of the major foundation blocks of one of the biggest movements in metal today.

The guesses. OH.. the guesses.

More Is More

Written by Rikard.


"Less is more? How can less be more! It's impossible!!"

- Yngwie J. Malmsteen

My old man used to say - and I'm just saying this because it would be ever so lame to introduce a blog entry with TWO quotes - that if you run away from the girls, they'll go after you.

I dismissed what he said because frankly, I find it not in my nature to pull down a Franklin Hat over my brows and play hard-to-get. But there's a point hidden in his words, deep and steep but albeit something worth checking out.

Shall we? 

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