Euroblast 2013

Written by Rikard.


In a crushing majority of the many art forms out there, one must start by finding a voice.

Done by testing, experimenting. Stealing, perhaps.

We're not different. Like everyone else emerging from the tidal waves caused by the late 00's metalcore wave, we thought bass drum-dubbed rhythms was IT.

Something we'd soon outgrow, in favour of more SikTh-esque serial masturbation on top of a snuff-crazed guy from southern Stockholm. Up until today, we have been struggling not unlike many others with finding our voice. Are we there yet? Maybe, maybe not. The fact that we want to bring groove and face-melting growl-based angry music to the table is pretty rooted nowadays, but the outline is more of a twangy single-string  and semi-atmospheric voice than before. And maybe it won't stay that way. Maybe it will.


There is another side to this whole finding your voice-business: Finding others with the same voice as you. Something that's been quite tough for us, tougher than maybe it ought to be. Despite the fact that we play rather simple, deathsy metal, the most obvious genre labels is not really what we aim for.

Too straight for prog, too crooky for the mainstream, too growly for rock, too melodic for extreme death metal, too spacey for introvert carrot farmers, too clanky for traveling salesmen, too… you get it. Depending on perspective, we either sit proudly at the top of a confused package of ill-fitting ideas and semi-genres, or find ourselves at the beginning of something truly unique.

So we went to Euroblast, hoping to find a place where our voice would be heard. From being a rather straightforward, Tesseract-dipped 'djent-festival' for the past few years, EB 2013 brings us a far more diverse lineup: a sanctuary for alternative metal, with a sole goal to gather as many different metal voices as possible under the same roof, whilst maintaining the red thread that is ambition, imagination and/or techniality. Home to bands giving 'genre-diffuse' a face: Bands like Heights, Cyclamen, The Algorithm and samba-reggae-something-aussies of Twelve Foot Ninja.

Of course, trends can't be truly escaped, but the genre ignorance is profound. You're welcome, wherever you are, whoever you are. When we entered the stage on sunday night, the very same open welcome grasped us from a small but enthusiastic crowd. Despite some (as they're named) 'technical difficulties', we executed a fun and memorable show.

Despite that, Euroblast and Köln gave us loads of other memorable stunts: Talking to fellow bands and artists, watching (unfortunately one of the few shows we had time for) the incredible Meshuggah set, sightseeing, drinking, finishing off a slightly over-ambitious 19-hour-straight ride way home with a similarily straight season of Top Gear.

We'd like to haul a special thanks to everyone who greeted us after the show. Despite this, despite that, we realized afterwards that the amount of strangers catching you off-stage and telling you what a great show you put on, have never been higher.

And that's what matters.

Thank you Euroblast! Hoping for an even sicker 2013!!

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