Written by Rikard.

This is a long line of thinking that came swooping down on me in the gap between my fourth and fifth cup of strawberry tea, in the shadow of our recent announcement concerning our upcoming tour as support act for Six Feet Under.

Hope to see some of you guys there!

However, what I thought of was quitting. When do you quit? How, why and other standard questions? Somehow, I'm not afraid of quitting. I'd rather that Deathember ripped the moth off (as we say in Sweden ...?) in maybe 5-7 years time, rounding off a short but insane time of fun, groovy insanity with a breathtaking crescendo, whether it be a band members death, blowing up a drumkit at Rock Am Ring or gangbanging an american journalist.

(There's also the fact that you, if being fairly good enough, are in position of acquiring much more of a status when and if you call it off fairly early. SikTh, I'm not looking at you (In fact I'm looking at Attack! Attack! (... em, no, I'm not (Really))))

In late September, Dream Theater releases their new album 'Dream Theater'. It's almost precisely two years after their previous release.

The guys in DT (Because in prog, you always, ALWAYS use initials) are acquiring quite the age. And what they resemble in this blog post is the other end of that which one end contains the afromentioned sexual activity so surrealistically blending that it achieves almost mythological stature - the other side of quittance.

Because what do you do if you don't call it quits fairly early in? You go on. And go on. And go on. MP (Because in prog, you always, ALWAYS use initials) said on some DVD I watched when I smashed my finger into a train door and couldn't do much else that ever since they signed their major contract it's 'been like a machine - write record tour, write record tour, write record tour, write record tour, write record tour, write record tour...'.

2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 - the rigid systemacy in which DT prowls out albums (and tours) are quite parodical. Not a year extra for something splendid, not rushing for an EP. Like a machine.

Is that what I want Deathember to be? No, not at all. I envision the 'rockstar' life, (more like """"rockstar"""" life) to be weird, wacky and unpredictable - one day, Staffan trips down the tour bus, inhales Amortentia leaves and prowls out an acoustic EP in the drive-by, others, Elias and I will smash shelves, pay for the smashed shelves, go fishing and maybe come up with half a song title. 

So. No. But can it be helped? I'm afraid that is trickier than you could think. No matter writing, no matter touring, no matter recording can be fun and weird and chaotic. But if given an amount of time, you seem to slowly get worn out, you seem to accept the rigid systemacy and static scheming that writing, recording and touring really is.

Next week, we toss ourselves madly into Tour-land. It will be fun. It will be weird. It will also be static.

I'll make the best of it, I suppose.

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