Deathember R.I.P.

It might not come to a surprise, but Deathember as a band has been put to sleep.

I (Elias) am writing this as the last member left in this band.
When we experienced a major line-up change in late 2014 me and Staffan decided to cool things down and think about how to proceed with this project.

The result is that Staffan decided to leave Deathember to focus entirely on music production and recording at his new studio.

This leaves me here. After 7 years with different lineups but the core always being me and Staffan, the only right thing to do is to end here. I can't say for sure that Deathember won't be playing again ever. But for now and the foreseeable future, the band will be dead.

A huge thanks to everyone who's been coming out to our shows, tours, buying merch and supporting us over the years. We will never forget.

The Swedish Groove metal will continue to thrive in other projects, i'll make sure of that.

RIP 2008-2015.


Deathember Update


We are alive. Working behind the curtains. It will take time, but it'll be worth it. We're doing everything properly this time, finalizing the lineup and working on a follow-up to Going Postal. Be patient and we will make it worth your while.


We have parted ways with Pontus Wicklander (Bass) and Simon Tarasewicz (Vocals). The decision was mutual between the band and the leaving members, there are no hard feelings between us and we wish them the best in their future musical endeavours.

The new lineup: We welcome Johan Skogh as our new vocalist, after filling in on our previous Indian tour, it was an easy decision for us to as him to be a part of the new Deathember. Rikard Bonander (previously guitars) will take over bass dutys permanently as of now. We will tour with a live 2nd guitarist until we find the right person for the full-time job.

The new material: To let you guys know what we're up to, we decided to release a pre-production version of a brand new song that we recorded with this new lineup. Listen, share, groove.


Deathember - By Damnation


Video featuring footage from the Going Postal in India tour. Editing by Krulos. Available on Going Postal Ltd. Edition CD.

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